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Hiking boot camp: How to choose shoes suitable for the trail

image of a hiker resting on a hammock.

By Dr. HOWARD FOX The Greenbelt Conservancy Whether you’re a thru-hiker on the Appalachian Trail or out for a 20-minute walk through the Staten Island Greenbelt, few things can make your experience rewarding or painful than the happiness of your feet.  What you are wearing on them, how well they fit, and how well they…

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Greenbelt cited as New York City’s Remotest Spot

Inspired by ecologists, Rebecca and Ryan Means, Eben Pindychk of the “New Yorker” magazine, set out to find the remotest region in New York City. Guess what he discovered? The ecologists run “Project Remote,” an endeavor to locate and visit the point farthest from a road in all fifty states. Click the heading to read the full article.

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Hiking and Running Trails

There are six major Greenbelt trails that offer diverse hiking experiences for people of all abilities. Four woodland trails, on which bicycles and motorized vehicles are prohibited, are identified by the color of their blaze marks.

Each trail crosses different terrain and offers a unique experience. In drier zones, red and black oaks, tulip, beech and hickory trees are common. Moister soils support red maples, white swamp oak and willow trees. Because of Staten Island’s temperate climate, some traditionally “southern” species – such as persimmon and sweet gum – thrive along the trails.

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