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Greenbelt Environmental Education Mission Statement

To provide innovative environmental education programming promoting science, stewardship, and sustainability, to instill a sense of wonder and responsibility for the natural world.

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The Greenbelt is an exceptional place for educators and students to explore the wonders of nature. We are always excited to meet new teachers and students, and to welcome back old friends who are already familiar with the Greenbelt and forest ecosystems.

Our Environmental Education programs complement current classroom curricula and meet New York State standards.  Our department holds an official New York City Department of Education Vendor ID – gre481845 

Programs at High Rock Park

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Programs at the Greenbelt Nature Center

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Interpretive Hikes 

Program will be entirely outdoors 

Participants will have the opportunity to explore the Greenbelt woodlands during a 75 minute guided field trip. These outdoor programs are designed to engage learners, enrich environmental literacy, and foster a positive relationship with nature.  Choose from the following topics:

First Forest Experience: Pre-K- 3rd

Plants and Trees:  1st grade and up 

NYC Wildlife: 1st grade and up 

Natural History: 3rd grade and up

Birds of the Greenbelt: 3rd grade and up

Forest Ecosystems:  3rd grade and up 

Young Naturalists Programs 

Programs will be indoors with a short outdoor hike

Our Young Naturalist programs consist of an indoor classroom lesson and an educator led hike on the Greenbelt trails. These programs help young people get in touch with the natural world and build their understanding of environmental issues. Choose from the following topics:

Amazing Birds: Kindergarten and up

Invertebrates: 1st grade and up  

Lenape: 1st grade and up 

Reptiles and Amphibians: 1st grade and up 

Life Cycles: Pre K and up

Advanced Explorations 

These 2 hour programs are designed to enhance student’s environmental and scientific literacy through comprehensive classroom activities and outdoor exploration. For 3rd grade and up. Choose from the following topics:

Anatomy and Adaptations

Wetlands Study*

Owl Pellet Dissection

Environmental Science


*Available at High Rock Park Only


Available to Staten Island schools only

Outreach programs are in-school classes geared towards childhood education. For 3k- 1st grade Each program is 30 minutes. Choose from the following topics: 

Animals Around Us 

Me and My Tree

Winter Adaptations 

Life Cycles

Feathered Friends

Professional Learning Opportunities

We offer workshops that help both formal and informal educators use the outdoors to complement and enhance their curriculum and increase environmental literacy in the next generation. Check for upcoming workshops. CTLE credits available. 


At High Rock Park, we offer scout groups character-building programs that foster ethical decision making skills, while engaging in fun environmental education and outdoor activities.

Whether your troop consists of Cubs, Scouts, Venture’s, or Sea Scouts our Greenbelt Education programs provide a great opportunity to enhance your troop’s educational goals, meet merit badge requirements, or simply enjoy an outdoor experience.

Scout programs include:

· Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics

· Interpretive Hikes

· Young Naturalist programs

Here is the fee structure for Greenbelt education programs. 

From one of our students….

Thank you for telling me about all the things I didn’t know. The purpose of the trip was to see and talk about a very big rock that was pushed by a glacier. That is when we were hiking, which was my favorite part.   – Fifth grade student on her visit to High Rock Park