Board of Directors

The Greenbelt Conservancy is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Members of the Board oversee the organization and manage its financial assets.

Howard Fox, D.P.M.

Janice Ellison
First Vice President

Ralf M. Peetz, Ph.D.
Second Vice President

Arnold Sarabella, CPA

Catherine J. Lavender, Ph.D.

Members of the Board

Christopher H. Benbow, Esq.

John Borovilas

Heather Butts, Esq.

Michael W. Dominowski

Bonnie Fritz, Ph.D

Christopher Greene, Esq.

Robinson Iglesias, Esq.

Alfred Levine, Ph.D

Michael J. McKeever

Amy Rice

Carol M. Russell, D.O.

Richard Travers

Sally W. Williams


Bill de Blasio

James Oddo
Borough President

Mitchell J. Silver
New York City Parks

Lynda Ricciardone
Borough Commissioner
New York City Parks

Steven Cain
Greenbelt Conservancy Executive Director
NYC Parks Greenbelt Administrator

Emeritus Directors

Alice Diamond

George Bramwell, Esq.

Kenneth Saccaro

Elizabeth Seder

We remember our friends, Paul E. Eklof, Bradford Greene and Kathleen Vorwick, board members who have passed away. Their contributions to the Greenbelt Conservancy are lasting and substantial.