Caring for the Greenbelt's parks and open space
in Staten Island, NY through education,
conservation, research and prudent recreation

Greenbelt Staff Members

Greenbelt Conservancy and NYC Parks Personnel

Steven Cain, Greenbelt Administrator & Greenbelt Conservancy Executive Director – 718-667-2165, ext. 103

Lynda Ricciardone, Borough Commissioner, New York City Parks

Greenbelt Administration

Christina Kuhn, Business Development Coordinator/Facility Manager (for rental inquiries)  – 718-667-2165 ext. 106

Jeanne Doyle Paliswiat, Special Projects & Volunteer Coordinator – 718- 667-2165, ext. 115

Dorothy A. Reilly, Director of Public Relations (contact for media inquiries) 718- 667-2165, ext. 105

Laura Ruggirello, Finance Coordinator – 718-667-2165, ext. 108

Meghan Wood, Director of Development 718- 667-2165, ext. 104

Natural Resources and Park Management

Joseph Morreale, Supervisor, Maintenance and Operations

Environmental Education Department and Nature Center

Education Dept. in High Rock Park: 718-667-7475 –  Nature Center: 718-351-3450

Maritza Cuevas, Director of Education, 718-667–7475, ext. 116
Jessica Kratz, Nature Center Coordinator, 718-351-3450, ext. 104
Jean Martini, Nature Center Assistant, 718-351-3450
Educators: Arlene Borruso, Christopher Ricker, Nancy Zawada-Clair,
Karen Roos

Carousel for All Children (open May – Columbus Day) 

Manager:  Fred Schweizer

Assistant Manager:  Heather Dalton

Native Plant Nursery (Open to the public by appointment)

Click here for the nursery website

Edward Toth, Director