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The broken bench

vandalized bench beside a woodland trail

  By MICHAEL W. DOMINOWSKI The Greenbelt Conservancy The little bench was nearly as old as the Greenbelt path it sat beside. To most who came to visit, the bench had always been there, almost like the forest. And though it was small and rather homely, the bench came to have many friends. Serious hikers…

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A golf course is saved, and with it a historic green space

By KENNETH SACCARO The Richmond Country Club (RCCC) 124-acre golf course sits in the heart of the Greenbelt. It will forever be a green oasis thanks to a deal that was brokered in 1989 between Club members and New York State. The state, using funds from the 1986 Environmental Quality Bond Act, purchased the property…

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A smile and a stick are essential equipment for the traditional hiker

image of a Scout with a hiking staff

By MICHAEL W. DOMINOWSKI The Greenbelt Conservancy I was making my way along the Blue Trail. Recent rains had turned a short bit of the popular Staten Island Greenbelt hiking path into a shallow, narrow – and very slippery – V-shaped ditch. Which, of course, invited my foot to partake of its greasy qualities. My…

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Hiking boot camp: How to choose shoes suitable for the trail

image of a hiker resting on a hammock.

By Dr. HOWARD FOX The Greenbelt Conservancy Whether you’re a thru-hiker on the Appalachian Trail or out for a 20-minute walk through the Staten Island Greenbelt, few things can make your experience rewarding or painful than the happiness of your feet.  What you are wearing on them, how well they fit, and how well they…

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