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Nature Activities for June 2020

Nature Activities for June 2020

Note:  While doing these activities, we should always practice social distancing, staying at least 6 feet from the nearest person. Frequent hand washing for twenty seconds or more is advised. These activities are recommended to be done with your immediate family or household. If you want to include other friends or family members, consider a virtual play date through Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime, so we can safely share the learning fun!



Note: While doing these activities, we should be practicing social distancing, staying at least 6 feet from the nearest person. Frequent hand washing for twenty seconds or more is advised. These activities are recommended to be done with your immediate family or household. If you want to include other friends or family members, consider a virtual playdate through Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime, so we can share the learning fun.

June 1
Make a DIY Lacing Card – Draw or trace a sun, cloud, crescent moon, or other animal shape onto a cereal box or other cardboard box you have at home.  Use a hole puncher to punch equally spaced holes at least ¼” from the edge of the card.  Use pipe cleaners, shoe laces, or yarn to lace up your shape

June 2
Dinosaur Day – Draw an imaginary dinosaur and give it a name. The names of dinosaurs can describe what they look like, how you believe they behave, where they were discovered, or the name of the person who discovered them. The only restriction in naming a dinosaur is not to give it a name that has already been used.>dinosaurs-names

June 3
Paper Bag Kites – Make a kite to fly outside. Supplies: paper lunch bags, yarn or string, Popsicle stick, scissors, streamers, tape, embellishments: stickers, paint, markers, crayons, construction paper, tape. Directions: Decorate a paper bag using a variety of embellishments. Using a pair of safety scissors, snipe a little hole on the bottom base of the bag. This will be used for the kite string. Cut a piece of yarn or string about 18-24 inches long. Tie one end to the middle of a Popsicle stick (which will keep the kite string from pulling out when it’s flying).

June 4
Make a Sidewalk Chalk Mosaic – Here’s a different way to use sidewalk chalk- and everyone in the family can do this together. First, choose your mosaic surface: your garden tiles, fence, the sidewalk, or a garage door are all excellent options. Decide on your design and then use chalk (painter’s tape or masking tape) to mark it off.  Shapes with angles work well, but you can also use short pieces of tape to create curves. Color the shapes with different colors.  Pull the tape off, then enjoy your creation (until it rains).

June 5
World Environment Day – United Nations Environment Program has named this year “Biodiversity” day. Biodiversity is the foundation that supports all life on land and water. One way we can help to support the environment is to cut down on our carbon footprint. To learn what is a carbon footprint and how to reduce it go to

June 6
National Trails Day – Trail systems are enjoyed for a wide range of activities, including hiking, biking, birdwatching and many other activities. Celebrate by getting out on a trail with family or friends. Enjoy a wonderful time with nature.  Plan your next hike in the Greenbelt my looking at maps and other background information at

June 8
World Oceans Day – In 2008 a United Nations resolution made this holiday official. It’s a day to remind everyone of the major role the oceans have in everyday life, which providing most of the oxygen we breathe. To celebrate the day take a walk on the beach and collect shells to decorate. Visit to see other ways everyone can make a difference in protecting our oceans.

June 9
Bark Rubbings – Go outside and look at each tree’s bark.  Different species with have different patterns.  Take a piece of paper and put it on the bark.  Hold a crayon (without paper) sideways (horizontal) and rub on the paper making a pattern. Use different colors.

June 10
Pom Pom Insect – Take 3 Pom Poms and glue each one to  one another.  Each Pom Pom representing the parts of an insect; head, thorax, abdomen.  Take 3 chenille sticks and cut them in half. Wrap them, around the middle of the insect for 6 legs.  Add wings from plastic containers and make a name for your bug.

June 11
Listening to Nature – Bring a pen and paper and go outside and listen for nature sounds.  Then listen to manmade, non- nature sounds.  What did you hear most?  Try moving to another spot and listen again. Are the sounds the same or different?

June 12
Leaf Prints – Go outside and collect a few different shaped leaves.  Find out what kind of trees they are.  Trace with a crayon around their leaf edges onto a piece of paper.  Cut them out.  Go for a walk in a different area, bring your leaves and see if you can find your leaf shapes.

June 15
Memory of a Rock – This activity involves two or more people in your family.  Find rocks that can fit into a closed hand. (Twice as many rocks for every person playing).   Each family member selects one rock.  You will have to remember your rock by its shape, size and feel.  Everyone sit in a circle, close your eyes and pass around their rocks and the others that were not picked.  When you feel you have your rock open your eyes and see if you are right!

June 16
Walking Stick – Find a mid -sized walking stick.  Paint it different colors with permanent paint.  Wrap colorful ribbons, yard, beads and feathers around the top.  Now take a walk!

June 17
Grass Whistles – Learn how to use a wide blade of grass placed between your thumbs as a whistle, then make some music!

June 18
Mud Pies – Get an old pot, bucket, cookie cutters, and utensils.  Put dirt inside and mix water slowly into the dirt so that you can mold the mud into pies and other shapes.  Decorate your creations with other natural items (twigs, grass, pebbles etc.)  Let your imagination go wild!

June 19

Create a Pencil Holder for Father’s Day – Sunday, June 21st is Father’s Day, a celebration of fatherhood and parenting. It involves gift giving and family oriented activities. Create a pencil holder using a glass jar and taking torn pieces of tissue paper. Use watered down glue to attach the tissue paper on to a glass jar. Make sure to add layers of tissue paper and let it dry. Add some pens or pencils to the holder.

June 22
Create a Time Capsule for Summer Memories – Use colored paper to cover a cardboard tube (such as a Pringles chips can). Label it Summer Memories 2020. Place summer fun things that you found outside inside the tube. Write a page of summer memories and place it in the tube. Seal the tube and wait till next summer to open it.

June 23
Draw a Butterfly Life Cycle with Sidewalk Chalk – What are the stages of the butterfly life cycle?  Find out in a book or look on a website.  Then use chalk to draw each stage on a sidewalk and write the word beneath it.

June 24
Make a Fan for the Warm Weather – Cut a paper plate in half and decorate it with crayons or makers. Grab two jumbo craft sticks and glue them into a wide “V” shape to form the fan’s handle. Glue the handle to the bottom of your fan.

June 25
Make an Upcycled Water Bottle Firefly – Cut strips of tissue paper, then glue them onto the bottle using Mod Podge glue and a foam brush. Fold chenille sticks around the bottle to make the legs. Cut wings out of foam (card stock, cardboard, or construction paper would work as well) and use hot glue to attach them the bottle. Put a glow stick inside the bottle. Re-attach the bottle cap, then glue on wiggle eyes or draw eyes on using a permanent marker.

June 26
Make (Popsicle Stick) S’mores – First assemble the base of your s’more friend by gluing your popsicle sticks together to look like a fence (7 vertically next to each other and 2 across horizontally). Set aside to let it dry completely.  Now grab your paint, paint brush and popsicle stick base.  Paint the front of it completely white {the marshmallow}.  Cut out some “graham crackers and chocolate” from cardstock or construction paper. Glue the cardstock pieces to the popsicle stick design. Draw on a face with the remaining paint. Let it dry completely before displaying proudly!

June 29
Make a Paper Roll Fish – Flatten your cardboard tube. Cut a rounded end for the fish’s head and two slits at an approximate 45º angle for the tail. Fold the angled cut inwards both forwards and backwards and then tuck it inside the fish to create the tail (see video or photos if this sounds confusing). Decorate your fish with paints and allow to dry. Glue a googly eye (or draw an eye) onto each side and draw on a mouth with a marker

June 30
Quotes and Sayings about Nature – A lot wise things about nature have been said throughout the years.  Find a favorite quote or saying about nature in a book, on a website, or ask a friend or family member for their favorite.  If you’re feeling particularly clever, you can come up with your own saying. Once you’ve selected your saying, share it with others by writing it with sidewalk chalk +/- write it in a greeting card that you will be sending to a friend, neighbor, or relative.


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