Earth Day 2020 – New Greenbelt YouTube Channel

Blue Marble image of Earth from Apollo 17

To celebrate the 50th Annual Earth Day, the Greenbelt educators have launched a brand new YouTube channel to host all the nature-focused educational content they have been working so hard on.  To get things started, here are five educational videos for you to watch at home, one for each decade of Earth Day. The channel itself can be found here. Please subscribe to keep up to date on everything our educators are doing.

  1. A History of Earth Day – Arlene Borruso provides a brief history of Earth Day as we gear up to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.
  2. Earth Day Crafts – Nancy Zawada shows us how to make an easy eco-friendly craft for Earth Day, or any other day! With materials you have right at home, you will learn to make a colorful suncatcher from a plastic water bottle.
  3. Happy Earth Game – Arlene and Nancy play a brief game of Happy Earth, showing how our choices can help or harm the planet.
  4. Earth Day Story – Nancy and Arlene read “Let’s Take Care of the Earth.”
  5. Trees! – Tulip trees are a fast growing, deciduous tree species found in the Greenbelt. In this short nature video, Christopher Ricker explains the unique aspects of this tree’s bark, flowers, and the role it plays in providing food to wildlife in our park lands.

As always, please consider supporting the Greenbelt Conservancy Resiliency Fund.  We need your help, now more than ever, to carry us through this tough time and to ensure that our valuable mission is enjoyed by generations to come.