Sustaining and enhancing the Greenbelt's
open space in Staten Island, NY through education, conservation, research and prudent recreation

Highlighted Events

When the Greenbelt was welcomed to the family of parks

Ohrback lake in th eStaten Island Greenbelt

By KATHLEEN VORWICK In George Orwell’s book “1984,” the world as depicted, would have been a very depressing place. However, in the actual year 1984, a wonderful thing happened. After many years of hard work and studies… The Greenbelt was officially born. Its parents were the farsighted individuals who saw the value and necessity, and…

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A super start to spring in the Greenbelt

Greenbelt Conservancy President Bonnie Fritz

You may not notice it at the time, but spring will officially arrive in the Greenbelt at 5:58 PM on Wednesday, March 20. That is the moment, in this Year of the Greenbelt, of the vernal equinox, when the hours of daylight and dark are most nearly equal. What you are more likely to notice…

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A smile and a stick are essential equipment for the traditional hiker

image of a Scout with a hiking staff

By MICHAEL W. DOMINOWSKI The Greenbelt Conservancy I was making my way along the Blue Trail. Recent rains had turned a short bit of the popular Staten Island Greenbelt hiking path into a shallow, narrow – and very slippery – V-shaped ditch. Which, of course, invited my foot to partake of its greasy qualities. My…

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That opossum in your yard is no pest

combination image of opossums in spring and winter

By MICHAEL W. DOMINOWSKI The Greenbelt Conservancy When the weather eventually warms after a too-long winter, prompting the trees to green up and the dandelions to once again invade the lawn, it also brings out bugs of every sort. We would be overrun by them were it not for our neighbors the birds. But when…

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