Willowbrook Park

For the Carousel for All Children, enter the park from Eton Place off Richmond Avenue.  There is a large parking area behind the Carousel.

For ball field access, enter the park from Victory Boulevard.

Both entrances allow access to Willowbrook Lake.

Willowbrook Park’s central location makes it easily accessible, yet this popular park is sufficiently isolated from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding area.   Easy access to the Greenbelt’s White Trail and woodlands lie beyond Willowbrook park.  The park is also adjacent to the 240-acre College of Staten Island campus, a branch of the City University of New York.

Willowbrook’s 164-acres of parkland is one of the Greenbelt’s most-visited areas; it boasts baseball and archery fields, tennis courts, a shaded picnic grove, lake, playground, the Carousel for All Children and hiking trails.  Call (718) 667-3545 for information on permits for using the picnic grove and ball fields.

The Carousel for All Children, which is open May through October, is located at the Eton Place entrance to the park.  It is a magnet for families and a place where great memories are made.   The Carousel is available for private rental and school trips.

Willowbrook Lake, one of the park’s loveliest features, is a perfect spot to cast a line for catch-and-release fishing.   The walkway and trails around the lake are suitable for a quiet stroll or invigorating jog.  Willowbrook Lake was constructed in 1932 and is the first human-made pond on Staten Island.  Click here to read more about Willowbrook Park history.

Several special events, including the annual Carousel opening celebration on the first Saturday in May, the Borough President’s annual summer concert for children, and Fall Flat 5-K Run in November take place in Willowbrook Park.