Multi-use Perimeter Trail: Run, bike, hike or simply stroll

image of a jogger on a snow-covered multi-use trail in the Staten Island Greenbelt

Undaunted by a cover of snow, a jogger plies the all-seasons multi-use trail along the edge in the Staten Island Greenbelt.

The multi-use trail is more of a path, much wider than the Greenbelt’s wooded trails.  The family-friendly 2.6 mile all-season trail is covered mostly with crushed gravel, gravel dust and screenings. It slopes gently downward as it extends westward from Rockland Avenue along Forest Hill Road to Richmond Avenue. Near the midpoint, a spur of the trail branches off and slopes generally downward to Historic Richmond Town.

We refer to it as a bikeway because it is one of the only trails in the Staten Island Greenbelt where bicycling is legal. Bikes are banned on most other trails because of the damage they can do to the unpaved pathways.