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Wednesday, August 21: Return of Physics!

There are fundamental forces of nature that govern all matter.  Challenge, observe, and use energt to understand gravity, friction, and several other forces, as we once again return to the vast universe of physics. Click here for free registration on eventbrite. 

A few short, self-guided activities will start families thinking together, followed by a full group activity. These programs are designed for families with children ages 8 – 10 years old. We cannot accomodate younger children – thank you for your cooperation.* 

During our programs, one adult must accompany each child, with no more than two adults accompanying the child. (No organized groups, please).  Adults should be actively engaged and assisting their children with the activities. Please refrain from cell phone use aside from taking photographs of your child(ren) or using the phone as a stop watch during activities.

For questions, please email: