Today is NYC’s Day of Action Against Covid-19

TODAY is New York City’s first Get Tested Day of Action! Did you get your test for COVID-19 yet?

COVID-19 tests confidential, safe, and FREE!

Go to ​NYC.Gov/COVIDTest ​or text “COVIDTEST” to 855-48 to find a testing site near you.

Getting tested is safe, and by getting tested, you help to keep your loved ones and fellow New Yorkers safe! ​

Get tested even if you do not have symptoms or are unsure if you were exposed to COVID-19. And if you have been exposed, think you may have been exposed, have symptoms, or are planning to visit a loved one who is at-risk, you should take a COVID-19 test.

Most results are returned in about 48 hours. New Yorkers who test positive for COVID-19 will ​receive a call​ from the Test & Trace Corps to make sure that they receive care, and can safely separate to prevent the spread of the virus. ​Be sure to answer any calls from NYC Test+Trace or (212) numbers to access both free resources and support.

Learn more about how New York City is here to help you with FREE resources at