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How to buy ‘bird-worthy’ binoculars

image of bird watchers with binoculars

By WAYNE MONES The Greenbelt Conservancy If you are going afield to watch birds you will need binoculars. Good ones. But which binoculars? Here’s help. Bird-worthy binoculars must deliver a bright, clear image. In addition to having great light-gathering ability they must have a wide field of view.  They must have high resolution and transmit…

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Welcome to the Year of the Greenbelt!

Man standing near a small lake in the high rock park section of the Staten Island Greenhbelt.

By MICHAEL W. DOMINOWSKI The calendar has opened a new year; the season has changed – and so has the Greenbelt Conservancy! During the coming months of 2019 we will be celebrating some notable anniversaries of events that made the Greenbelt the largest all-urban parkland in America. The Greenbelt was designated as parkland 35 years…

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Birding in the Greenbelt is some of the finest in NY

Staten Island’s Greenbelt provides birders with some of the finest woodland environment in the five boroughs. The diversity of bird species found in these second growth forests is amazing. Birding falls into seasonal categories and the open spaces and wetlands of our Greenbelt certainly reflect that fact. Each season has its highlights, expected species and resident species. Photo: Red-shouldered hawk by Virginia Re.

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From passers-by to permanent residents: Birds of the Greenbelt

By Cliff Hagen Each year thousands of birds travel through our Greenbelt as they make the round-trip journey from the northern woodlands of New England to all points south. And each year those thousands of birds find our Greenbelt a safe respite, a fruitful woodland along the Atlantic flyway to rest and refuel. The bi-annual…

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