Rent the Carousel for all Children in Willowbrook Park

Celebrate a birthday or special occasion at the Carousel!


Located in Willowbrook Park the Carousel features fifty-one hand-carved, colorfully painted figures of traditional wooden carousel horses, mythical beasts and endangered species such as zebras, giraffes, gorillas, a spotted leopard, a mandrill, and panda bears. The Carousel For All Children is accessible to all people, including those who have physically challenges. Our staff is available for anyone who requires special assistance.  Designated parking and low curbs are readily available.

The Carousel is available for private parties during non-public hours with a maximum of 100 guests. Time slots available are 9am -11am and 6pm – 8pm. Additional hours may be booked for the evening time slot.

The Carousel is available for parties during regular operating hours. Available time slots are from 12 noon – 5pm. There is a 50- person maximum capacity and a 10-child minimum.  Six-foot rectangular tables and 50 folding chairs are available for your use, with prior notice.

Corporate rental options may be discussed by contacting our rental coordinator.

Weekday Party During Public Hours Private Weekday / Weekend During Public Hours Private Weekend Party 
2 hours – $350 2 hours – $400 2 hours – $450
3 hours – $450 3 hours – $550 3 hours – $600


The Carousel pavilion is has eight large overhanging doors.  On a typical day, all doors are open. In the case of inclement weather, some of the doors may be closed to protect guests from the elements. Rain dates not available.

For further information, contact our Rental Coordinator at 718-667-2165, ext. 106  or by email at

For film or photography contact Jeanne Paliswiat, Special Projects & Volunteer Coordinator – 718- 667-2165, ext. 115 or by email at

The Carousel was designed and built between 1997 and 1999 in Mansfield, Ohio by Carousel Works, the only company in North America that creates wooden carousels. According to the artisans, our is the largest and fanciest they have created. The wooden structure displays forty hand-painted renderings of Staten Island landmarks including the Conference House, High Rock Park, the Tibetan Museum, Martlings Pond, the Vanderbilt Mausoleum, and Horrmann Castle.