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Nature’s Calendar

A Year in the Greenbelt

See our Events Calendar for dates and times for current happenings.


Here is a sampling of what takes place in the Greenbelt throughout the year. Come for a visit  to be part of these wondrous activities.   Each month offers distinctive and special happenings.  And when the full moon hangs over the Greenbelt, all’s right with the world. East coast Native Indians gave names to each full moon, which we have listed.

January: Wolf Moon

Great horned owls begin nesting –  Sledding at LaTourette Park

Snowshoeing along our flat trails

Check our events calendar for scheduled hikes

February: Snow Moon

Resident birds beginning to sing: black-capped chickadee, northern cardinal, red-breasted nuthatches

School’s Out; We’re In; Winter recess programs

Cold Feat 10-k Trail Race, LaTourette

March: Worm Moon

Spring Peepers are singing and breeding

First signs of spring appear when skunk cabbage emerges around Loosestrife swamp in High Rock Park

April: Pink Moon

Woodland wildflowers – bloodroot, spring beauty, trout lily, red trillium, wild ginger – are blooming

High Rock Challenge 10-k Adventure/Trail Race

May: Flower Moon

Hummingbirds, warblers, vireos, thrushes, finches and more are abundant

Carousel opens on the first Saturday

Annual Blue Jean Ball – A casual outdoor gathering of Greenbelt friends

June: Strawberry Moon

National Trails Day is first Saturday

Aquatic turtles excavating nests and laying eggs

Train with us to become a camp counselor or volunteer

Great golfing at LaTourette

July: Buck Moon

Butterflies peak!

Greenbelt Summer Camp begins

Catch-and-release fishing in Willowbrook Lake

Mini-camp for little ones

The Carousel for All Children is now open seven days a week!

August: Sturgeon Moon

Wild mushroom season starts

The Carousel is open 7 days a week

September: Harvest Moon

Small birds begin migrating south

School visits begin

Guided hikes from the Nature Center – all seasons

Annual Greenbelt Conservancy Gala

October: Hunters’ Moon

Peak of autumn foliage (second week of October)

Check our events calendar for scheduled hikes

Annual Pumpkin Festival in Willowbrook Park

School visits begin to High Rock Park and the Greenbelt Nature Center

November: Beaver Moon

Leonid meteor showers in constellation Leo: mid-month

Indoor nature-inspired programs for toddlers aka, “Tree Tots!”

Fall Flat 5-k Trail Race along the White Trail in Willowbrook Park

“Turkey Be Gone” Hike day after Thanksgiving from Nature Center

December: Winter Moon

Winter ducks enjoy their season

Trail Race Festival – 50K, 25K, 10K and 5K race

Squirrels, raccoons and chipmunks den-up

Art workshops and more at the Nature Center

Clear views across to Atlantic Highlands, NJ from Moses’ Mountain along the Yellow Trail