Caring for the Greenbelt's parks and open space
in Staten Island, NY through education,
conservation, research and prudent recreation

Greenbelt @ Home: Scenic Perspectives Virtual Hike

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Join Environmental Educators Christopher Ricker and Angel Ehlers on this month’s virtual Scenic Perspectives hike along the Pink Trail through the William T. Davis Wildlife Refuge. This part of the Greenbelt, straddling New Springville and Travis, was named after renowned local naturalist and entomologist, William T. Davis. Previously used as a natural classroom by the educators at the Staten Island Institute of Arts & Sciences, this patch of open space still provides a natural classroom for Greenbelt Environmental Education today. From mammals, to marine life, to over 100 species of bird, this area is teeming with life, and history!

This program will be via Facebook Live through our Greenbelt Conservancy or Greenbelt Environmental Education Facebook pages. Please preregister for this program here.

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Greenbelt @ Home: Scenic Perspectives Virtual Hike