Caring for the Greenbelt's parks and open space
in Staten Island, NY through education,
conservation, research and prudent recreation

Thank you for supporting the nonprofit Greenbelt Conservancy!

As we complete of a successful 2019 in our woodlands, classrooms,  Nature Center, along the trails and throughout the Greenbelt, please support Staten Island’s nonprofit Greenbelt Conservancy.

Founded in 1989, and working in partnership with NYC Parks, the Conservancy promotes, sustains and enhances the Greenbelt’s woodlands, wetlands and open space in central Staten Island.

It is our distinct pleasure to bring the residents of Staten Island a little closer to nature every day.

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The Greenbelt Conservancy is responsible for making possible myriad programs and projects you have experienced in our great outdoors. From free science-based programs for families and complimentary trail maps to group hikes and trail running clinics, Staten Islanders greatly benefit from the work of the Greenbelt Conservancy.

Thank you for your generosity and caring!