Preserving Staten's Island's Great Outdoors

Your Piece of the Greenbelt

Put your name on something and let others enjoy it for years to come. There are numerous ways for you, your family and your business to name a piece of the Greenbelt. Learn more below and help to ensure that the Greenbelt remains a beautiful oasis in New York City.

For more information about any of our naming opportunities, please contact the Development Office at 718.667.2165 ext. 104.

Adopt A Bench
In response to requests to honor and recognize milestones, memories and special people, we are making available a limited number of new park benches for public sponsorship.
Adopting a bench is a significant way to support our mission while memorializing a loved one or recognizing your family or business. Newly installed benches available for “adoption” are mainly located in High Rock Park, a cornerstone of the Greenbelt. A commemorative plaque with wording composed by you, and approved by the Greenbelt Conservancy, will designate your bench.
Adopted benches can be endowed for $5,000 and include purchase of the bench, installation and maintenance costs, and a recognition plaque.The Greenbelt Conservancy is also able to facilitate group fund raising for a bench through our online fund raising software. Involve your business, neighborhood or club and make your mark in the history of the Greenbelt.

Donor Tree Leaves
Displayed at The Greenbelt Nature Center, our Donor Tree recognizes generous sponsors and benefactors from throughout the years. Purchase your very own leaf and have your name engraved in a piece of Greenbelt history. In varying sizes, donor tree leaves can be purchased from $100 to $300 each.

Paver Stones at The Greenbelt Carousel For All Children
A perfect way to honor your children or grandchildren, paver stones surround the iconic Greenbelt Carousel For All Ages. Each is engraved with your family name.

Give Flowers
With a minimum donation of $50, you will help to beautify the Greenbelt! For your donation, you or the person(s) you are honoring will receive a special certificate of appreciation.Should you have any questions, please email us here or contact by telephone at (718) 667-2165, ext. 304.