Preserving Staten's Island's Great Outdoors

Winter is here in Greenbelt’s parks and trail system!

Throughout the winter months, there are still pretty vistas to enjoy, however – the air is crisp and it’s a great time to explore the outdoors.  Visibility is broader and birds nests are revealed in the tree tops.  The Greenbelt is home to a range of gorgeous trees – maple, tulip and sassafras, to name a few.  Walk the trails in the winter sunshine to enjoy the open feeling of the forest and the peace and quiet for which the Greenbelt is known.

Visit Willowbrook Park to stroll around the lake to enjoy the peace and quiet right off of Richmond Avenue, or stop by High Rock Park, 200 Nevada Avenue, off of Rockland Avenue, to wander our woodland trails that lead to a lovely view of Lake Ohrbach in Pouch Camp – you won’t believe your’e still in New York City!   Moses Mountain will offer you panoramic view of the Greenbelt’s tree tops, as well as distant views of the Atlantic Highlands in New Jersey. Stop by the Greenbelt Nature Center to consult with our staff naturalists before venturing out on the trails behind in Buck’s Hollow and Heyerdahh Hill and Southwest LaTourette.

All of these locations and designations can be found here on the Greenbelt trail map.