Sustaining and enhancing the Greenbelt's
open space in Staten Island, NY through education, conservation, research and prudent recreation

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A Fine Patch of Wild

Gretta Mouulton Gate at High Rock Park in the Staten Island Greenbelt

It was 1976 when author and environmentalist, John Mitchell, described High Rock Park in the Greenbelt as “a fine patch of wild,” and in fact it is, and will always remain so.

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Greenbelt Natural Resources

The Greenbelt’s natural and “Forever Wild” areas support rare habitats such as wetlands, forests, woodlands, meadows, and native rare plant species that are accessible through an extensive trail system in an urban setting.

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Hiking and Running Trails

There are six major Greenbelt trails that offer diverse hiking experiences for people of all abilities. Four woodland trails, on which bicycles and motorized vehicles are prohibited, are identified by the color of their blaze marks.

Each trail crosses different terrain and offers a unique experience. In drier zones, red and black oaks, tulip, beech and hickory trees are common. Moister soils support red maples, white swamp oak and willow trees. Because of Staten Island’s temperate climate, some traditionally “southern” species – such as persimmon and sweet gum – thrive along the trails.

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Summer, 2019!

Summer Camp is almost full! Please call before registering to check availability – 718-351-3450.

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