Volunteer Opportunities including our Saturday, November 18 “Fall Flat” 5K Trail Race


Volunteering in the Greenbelt is not only a great way to get involved in your community, it’s a great way to get to know one of New York City’s largest and most beautiful parks.  We are  grateful to our dedicated volunteers whose efforts make a huge difference in the Greenbelt.

As you might expect, many of our volunteer projects take place outdoors along our trails system and in natural areas.  Volunteers are also a key component at special events such as the High Rock Challenge Adventure Race in April, our fundraising events, and festivities at our Carousel for All Children in Willowbrook Park.  There are also some indoor opportunities performing clerical or docent duties available.



Saturday, November 18, 8 am – 12 noon: Fall Flat 5K Trail Race in Willowbrook Park.

Volunteer to host water stations, assist at the finish line, handing out medals, giving directions along the course and cheering on the runners.  This is always a very fun event.

Additional opportunities: Do you have computer, photography and/or digital skills, and some free time to assist with public relations projects?  If interested, please email us here with your cover letter and a short resume.

The Greenbelt works with the New York – New Jersey Trail Conference and Protectors of Pine Oak Woods to help maintain the park’s extensive trail system.  Our volunteer trail maintenance team members “adopt” part of a trail and are responsible for its upkeep throughout the year.  This important work supplements the work of the Greenbelt maintenance and operation division.

The Greenbelt works with students and scout groups that are required to volunteer in order to earn school credit or merit badges.

Please email our volunteer coordinator Jeanne.paliswiat@parks.nyc.gov or call Greenbelt headquarters at (718) 667-2165, ext. 311 to request a volunteer application and project schedule.

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